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A full function water conditioner that will neutralize chlorine and destroy chloramines while adding essential electrolytes and alkalinity boosters (acid neutralizing). Formulated with R/O and UV sterilized water.



Z7 makes bad water great! Soil or hydro, bad water is the biggest problem facing growers today. Z7 eliminates root related problems fast! No more yellowing leaves, leaf curl, tip burn, slow growth, pH fluctuations, white mineral build up, brown slimy roots, and slimy water tanks! Z7 is the "great growth insurance policy" that growers and store owners alike have asked for! Everyone can afford Z7. New Natural Technology gives explosive root growth and plant health for only 2.5 cents a gallon!

For more information on this product, visit: http://commercial.flyingskull.net/



ZONE is specially formulated for use as a full time maintenance program outperforming everything in its class and is your frontline tool of choice for the ultimate root zone environment! Don't leave your root zone in the hands of just any product. Choose the one trusted by thousands of growers worldwide. Choose ZONE! Designed specifically for Hydro, Soil and Coco, ZONE's high performance action performs equally well in any media or any system – truly universal!



AquaShield™ is useful throughout a plant's life cycle in both soil gardens and hydrogardens utilizing aeroponics, deep water culture, ebb and flow, and top water drip to create a natural and beneficial growing environment. AquaShield™ will assist in strengthening your clones root masses and offers the best chance of survival when transplanting.



Bush Doctor Sledgehammer is a nutrient rinse formula that's designed to remove excess fertilizer buildup, encouraging water movement through soil and soilless media. High fertilizer use can compromise plant growth over time because of concentrated mineral salt deposits. Bush Doctor Sledgehammer can be used in established gardens, container plantings and hydroponic systems.



Clearex is a scientifically formulated isotonic drench solution that works by binding with excess nutrient salts and safely leaching them from the grow media. Clearex creates a safe osmotic environment, preventing problems often caused by other leaching methods. Recommended for soil container gardening and hydroponic systems.



This breakthrough cleaning/flush solution is formulated to remove fertilizer residue that can accumulate in hydroponic systems, growing media and potting soils. FloraKleen may also be used as a final flush a few days before harvest.

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