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Our Nutrients and Supplement lines are from accredited companies that extensively conduct research and quality assurance for your personal growing techniques.

Advanced Nutrients carries the one of the highest standards in quality nutrients, both organic and synthetic. Completely customizable programs brought to you by Advanced's nutrient calculator to help guide you to perfection in your garden. From beginners, hobbyists to the grandmasters of growing, Advanced Nutrients are truly remarkable. 





Roots Organics is an Oregon-Based company that strives to always offer top notch organics at DIRT cheap prices! Give your plants a feast of organic food sources all built into the Roots product line!

Well known and very effective, Cutting Edge Solutions give you that BANG for your buck. Easy to follow program and affordable too!

It doesnt get much more organic than Age Old Organics. Their organic regemin has the essential makeup for crop production. If we dont carry the specific product of the Age Old line, ask us to make an order for you!

Organic Maxicrop is your Seaweed go-to. Elaborately processed for quality and cost-effectiveness, your seaweed solution will keep your garden green and thriving!

Very well known in indoor gardening, Botanicare's product line suits the needs of aggressive growing plants. Btanicares PureBlend and CNS lines are popular in hydroponic gardening.

An all naturally-derived product line that offers best of both worlds in indoor gardening. because of its simple makeup, these natural products give organics with the speed of synthetics, a little of both worlds!

CYCO is as what its called, very powerful and ingeniusly put together! Their well-balanced feeding schedule, when using the complete line, gives you results like no other!

The very popular name in gardening within todays ranks! FoxFarm carries a combination of organic and synthetic fertilizer programs that are easily adaptable within other FoxFarm products such as Ocean Forest, Happy Frog and Light Warrior soil blends.

The General in General Hydroponics defines the standard in synthetic performance nutrients. GH is very versatile and carries detailed feeding schedules for an exact match to your specific growing style.

General Organics is a top contender in organic growing. Just like their synthetic counterpart, GO leads the standard in new age organic growing techniques!

Green Air Products has always been up in rank for professional growers. Its simply put base-nutrients and microbase offer excellent production with its name in tact, GREEN! Save it and Grow it @ Healthy Harvest South

Based out of the Netherlands, BioBizz is one of the purest organic products on the market, with a full line of complete growing system, BioBizz is All Organic and can be used in hydroponic systems!

Everything green and sticky comes from this company! From VERDE to Sticky and Honey, these nutrients are an awesome Organic blend that really brings out the flavors and aromas in your flowers.

These Bloom Boosters kick out the resins and bulk in your fruits, and give a real kick when added to a basic feeding schedule!

Jamaican Bat Guano is essential in organic flowering. it can be mixed in your soil or used as a top dressing for amplifying safely! Put a jumpstart in your organic garden with some guano.

Need an instant boost in flowering? The Peruvian liquid guano offers just what you are looking for! Add it to your nutrient solution to pump up your gardens potential.




The types of seabird guano, bat guano and earthworm castings used in this special blend of Super Tea Mix are all chosen for their known effects on flower and fruiting plants.

Indonesian bat guano is versatile in the growing realm. Its ability to mix in water and can be used as a top dressing or mixed right into the soil gives it the proper place in our aggressive growing techniques.




BudSwel Builds multiple blossoms and promotes abundant healthy fruits known by organic gardening!

Happy Frog carries a wide variety of powdered nutrients specifically designed for different plants and their needs. From your general all-purpose, to Japanese Maple food, Our Happy Frog line has the Macros, Micros and Myccorhizae to rebuild and revive your plants abundance.




Looking for some new flavors in your chosen fruits? Sour Dee is the newest sugar from Cutting Edge that will give you something to smile about.

Bio-Genesis Enhancers push your performing plants to the top with organic and natural supplements that are designed to invigorate, stimulate and exponentiate your gardening experience.

Using the elements of nature to your benefit will keep you coming back for more when using this enzymatic formula. Hygrozyme is designed to breakdown dead and decaying roots and turns them to usable nutrients in the soil, without the worry of ppm or pH adjustments.

Its all in the name! Clonex keeps life living, one cutting at a time! using their cloning gel and solution brings intense life out of your clones. Strong healthy adult plants are created from strong, healthy clones.




 Vita Grow is a two part gel and solution to amplify your cloning experience!



Olivias cloning solutions offer that helping hand for freshly rooted plants that need that perfect amount of the right nutrients to explode their growth above and below ground!

Xtreme is Extreme when implemented in your gardening techniques! Want to know the secret to massive pumpkins? Do you need to kickstart your CO2 uptake? How about taking your roots health to a whole new level? Oh Yeah, Xtreme Gardening products do it all!

Beyond the naked eye lies the whole other side of Super-Growing. Great White has nothing but a plethora of pure myccorhizae and Beneficial Bacteria to put your plants roots in heaven! Put it in a tea with sea kelp, bat guano, molasses and worm castings and watch the show unfold! Amazing results, GUARANTEED!

A MUST HAVE for any grower looking to give the helping hand to everything that goes on underneathe the top-soil. These acids form a bond between your micro nutrients and your plants roots uptake receptors, putting it into overdrive!. You can also use it with your pesticides to amplify the usefulness of the application, resulting faster response times in recovery.

Concentrated 100% organic Marine Algae Extract, Nitrozime 0-4-4 is a VERY powerful supplement, with the ability to use it at fractions of its recommended dosage and still fulfill.

SLF-100 is a commercially proven enzymatic formula with over 18 years of proven success. It is a 100% organic and OMRI listed formula specifically designed to break out salts. Used as a cleanser for hydroponic systems and soilless media SLF-100 goes to work immediately to keep your system running smooth and free of toxic build up.

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