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The Clonebox Large is a slightly larger version of the Clonebox that conveniently accommodates T5 and T8 lighting systems. Like the original Clonebox, it's great way for gardeners to protect fragile young clones as they develop or quarantine ailing plants while they're nursed back to health. Once assembled, the sturdy internal frame creates up to three separate shelves to house plants and support low-profile lighting systems. Shelves are also removable to accommodate plant growth and larger lights. The durable Clonebox tent simply zips over the metal frame and is light- and air-impermeable with a reflective, water-resistant white plastic inner lining and heavy-duty black canvas exterior. In addition, the outer shell features equipment and filter supports as well as ventilation windows. Dimensions for the Clonebox Large are 49.25" x 25.5" x 47.25".



The light generated by HID and compact fluorescent lighting systems is great for plants, but it can be a source of frustration for gardeners whose living areas are cramped or don't have an extra room for an indoor garden. With a DarkRoom, however, those frustrations are a thing of the past. A DarkRoom is the foundation of a completely self-contained indoor garden, featuring a lightweight, durable, washable interior reflective lining that keeps more light going where it's supposed to go: to the plants. The frame supports up to 65 pounds of lighting, ventilation or other equipment, and every unit has access ports that accommodate ducting or other equipment. DarkRooms can be assembled without tools in minutes by one person, and collapse just as quickly for storage. Improved DarkRoom II models also boast enhanced lightproofing measures, more cord access ports, and even stronger corner joints.



As impressive in quality as they are in size, Secret Jardin's Intense grow tents are true portable grow rooms. Available in sizes that range from big to "Mammoth," these incredible creations eliminate the hassle of finding a growing space that possesses both an ideal environment and plenty of room for a lot of plants. They're not just big, though: they're made with the same precision and care that Secret Jardin puts into all of its portable grow rooms. That means they all feature a lightproof, washable, 95% reflective Mylar interior lining that's strong without being too thick, roll-up access doors secured with high-quality zippers, and plenty of access ports for ventilation, exhaust, electrical plugs and more. Their sturdy aluminum framework is held together by dual-locking stainless steel joints and can support up to 150 lbs of equipment at the center of the tent. Growers that need even more space than the largest Intense offers can take advantage of their ability to easily and smoothly link to one another, even between different sizes. The possibilities for customization are truly endless!



The Homebox Small, like its larger counterparts, is a portable alternative to building a permanent grow room. Quick and easy set up requires no additional tools; growers simply add lights and other equipment and they're ready to go! The durable Homebox tent is light- and air-impermeable with a reflective white plastic inner lining. Upper frame supports reflectors without built-in ballasts and features an attachment to mount an exhaust fan and filter as well as a six-inch outlet sleeve for ducting fan exhaust. Measures 31.5" x 31.5" x 63".



The Silver Edition HydroHuts can be used to grow, bloom, clone or as a plant infirmary or nursery. The choices are all yours giving you complete control over your greenhouse and its environment. The HydroHuts can be outfitted with T5 fluorescent fixtures, compact fluorescents, or high intensity discharge lights. The frames are steel and the corners are steel. There will be no problem hanging whatever you need from inside our new ceiling structure which also has steel constructed support poles.

Using intake and exhaust blowers, temperature and humidity are easily regulated. CO2 can be added and fans controlled by using third party atmospheric controls mounted to our Controller Mounting Board which will hang in any brand tent. You can air cool the Hut or your light(s) separately and still have venting ducts to use as you wish. The Silver Edition easily surpasses its rivals through noticeable, intelligent, differences. Better flaps around the door and the windows using Velcro to insure it is light-tight, steel poles and corners for real strength, higher quality outer material that won't rip, more sewing and material in crucial areas to help protect stress points, and more air vents to do as you wish.

The Silver Edition series offers more ventable duct openings & more electrical ports than any grow tent on the market. Allowing you to set up your Hut as you wish by giving you as many options as possible will make your growing experience more convenient. All Silver Editions will hold from 4" to 8" insulated duct hose through any of their duct openings. The 4 x 8 edition has 6 side ducts, 2 rear ducts, 2 roof ducts and 5 electrical ports to run your electrical cords out wherever you desire. Passive air vents can be closed or rolled open as you choose.



  • No toxicity issues for your plants.
  • Larger than competitive huts to accommodate Botanicare® 2’ x 4’, 4’ x 4’ and 4’ x 8’ trays or other growing systems.
  • Thick black canvas exterior.
  • Silver interior is 30% more reflective than white plastic interior.
  • Heavy-duty zippers.
  • Metal framing is made of strong and durable steel tubing.
  • Venting and cord holes offer sleeves with draw strings to seal the exit ports around ducting and cords.
  • 4' x 8' Sun Hut® has a removable divider wall in the middle.
  • 4' x 4' and 4' x 8' models have zippered doors in the back for easy access on both sides of the Sun Hut®.
  • Bracket to support exhaust fan and filter.
Actual interior dimensions:
  • 2' x 4' model = 54" x 35½" x 84"
  • 4' x 4' model = 54" x 54" x 84"
  • 4' x 8' model = 112" x 57" x 84"



Sun Hut® The Big Easy™ is our newest line of Grow Tents. These enclosed greenhouses have a new light weight and light-tight outer material with a highly reflective interior surface. The Big Easy™ has reinforced stitching in high wear areas and has a new improved zipper creating a rugged and durable grow environment. Both the 4' x 4' and 4' x 8' have a U Shaped Rear Door for total access to your growing space. The exoskeleton of The Big Easy™ consists of galvanized steel poles and unique quick connect molded plastic corners. With these two features combined, the assembly of this grow tent is both quick and simple. Other features include 10" duct ports, high and low lamp/power cord ports and a Velcro tray bottom. The 2' x 4', 4' x 4', and 4' x 8' models are large enough to fit the largest ID trays on the market. 

Actual Interior Dimensions:

  • 2' x 4' model = 52.7" x 34.4" x 79"
  • 3’ x 3’ model = 40.2" x 40.2" x 79"
  • 4' x 4' model = 56.8" x 56.8" x 79"
  • 4' x 8' model = 112.8" x 56.8" x 79"



he GrowLab Horticultural Grow Room has all the features you could ask for - and more! Outfit the GrowLab with the ventilation fan, lighting system and growing system of your choice and you will have the brightest, slickest, most affordable grow room available. Introducing the next generation in portable grow rooms - The GrowLab Horticultural Grow Room. See more details on the next page. Here are just some of the unique and exciting features you won't find elsewhere:

Clear viewing windows! - on all models except GL40, GL60, GL240 & GL290.Increased weight capacity - roof cross-members easily support 100 pounds.Sturdy powder coated framework - helps protect against rust and gives a cleaner look; thicker than previous models.Highly reflective interior - significant increase in reflectivity for improved lighting performance.Thermally protected - tent material reflects 97% of all radiant heat for superior insulation.Completely non-toxic - will not react under light and heat, and no off-gassing to harm plants.Improved fabric & zippers - thicker fabric than previous models, with the best zippers on the market.Movable roof cross-members - easily adjust lighting and accessories; pieces snap into desired place for better functionality.Multiple intake/exhaust ports - including two ports opposite each other at reflector level for air-cooling of lighting system on most models.Adjustable fan and ducting attachments - no more clamps or reducers needed!Waterproof floor - a second floor that is removable for easy cleaning between crops.

#706820 - GrowLab 40: 1'4" x 1'4" x 3'11"
#706825 - GrowLab 60: 2' x 2' x 5'3"
#706830 - GrowLab 80: 2'7" x 2'7" x 5'11"
#706870 - GrowLab 100: 3'3" x 3'3" x 6'7"
#706835 - GrowLab 120: 3'11" x 3'11" x 6'7"
#706845 - GrowLab 145: 4'9" x 4'9" x 6'7"
#706850 - GrowLab 240: 7'11" x 7'11" x 6'7"
#706855 - GrowLab 290: 9'6" x 9'6" x 6'7"
#706860 - GrowLab 80L: 4'11" x 2'7" x 6'7"
#706865 - GrowLab 120L: 7'11" x 3'11" x 6'7"
#706880 - GrowLab 145L: 9'6" x 4'9" x 6'7"
#706885 - GrowLab CloneLab: 4'1" x 2'1" x 3'11"
#706887 - GrowLab CloneLab Tall: 4'1" x 2'1" x 5'11"



The Equipment board is designed to hang a fan or equipment from the walls of the tent. With a perforated metal sheet welded to 2 poles that go floor to ceiling, not only can you easily hang up 65 lbs on it, but it also strengthens the tent. The equipment board is made of high quality powder coated steel. It offers sufficient space of hangable space and the weight capacity 65 lbs. Works with all of Growlab tents excluding GL80 and smaller. DESIGNED FOR GROLAB INDOOR GREENHOUSES



The Hydro Hut Estate can be used to grow, bloom, clone your favorite plants or as a plant infirmary or indoor nursery. The choices are all yours giving you complete control over your greenhouse and its environment. HydroHuts can be outfitted with T-5 fluorescent fixtures, compact fluorescents, or high intensity discharge (HID) grow lights.

Hydro Huts are equiped with more ventable ducts than any brand currently on the market. Not only is the frame constructed of steel, so are the corners, the weak point in many inferior quality tents. There will be no problem hanging whatever you need from inside the new ceiling structure which is manufactured again, with steel.

Using intake and exhaust blowers, temperature and humidity are easily regulated. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) can be added and fans controlled by using third party atmospheric controls mounted to our optional Controller Mounting Board which will hang in any brand tent. You can air cool the Hut and your light(s) separately and still have available venting ducts to use as you wish.

The Hydro Hut Estate is built to last with these unique features:

Largest grow tent in the 10X10FT class size.127 x 127 x 84 inches tall ( 10' 7" x 10' 7" X 7' tall) 112 total Sq. Ft.Patent protected in the US and China.Easily holds 2 of the largest 4 X 8FT ebb and flow trays with room to walk around them and in between them, unlike all other similarly sized tents.Linkable to another HydroHut Estate from any side to make any shape interconnected greenhouse.600D outer canvas, durable and thick.Ceiling easily holds 150 pounds on each side, 300 pounds total. Can hang the largest charcoal filters, lights, fans etc without worry of ceiling collapse.Strongest Ceiling with no center down pole – 25mm galvanized, powder-coated steel poles that will not rust.22 ten-inch, double sock air ducting ports, 18 double sock electrical ports.Non toxic PE waterproof second floor, highly reflective, durable Mylar inner walls.Ships in 2 boxes, one for canvas, one for poles, by truck only.Total weight: 286 lbs

Hydro Huts are available in a wide variety of sizes to fit almost any use including 2x4 feet, 3x3 feet, 4x4 feet, 4x6 feet, 5x5 feet, 4x8 feet, and 10x10 feet.

Equipment shown in photo of tent not included.



Choose the Hercules Frame support that coincides with the size of your GrowLab Portable Grow Room. By simply sliding this accessory over the existing frame work you can easily add strength where you need it. It has the ability to put cross members in a high or lower position allowing you to criss cross 2 Hercules Frame Supports adding more strength exactly where you need it! Each Hercules Frame Support is a complete kit which will go from floor to ceiling across the roof of the tent and back to the floor. Need to hang a giant carbon filter and some 8" Magnum XXXL hoods in your Growlab... consider the Hercules Frame Support!

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