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Hydroponic and soil media feeding schedules from some of the top vendors offering all of your nutrient needs.

Feeding charts from some of the more notable suppliers.

Plants are like all other living things - they require food. Producing roots, stems, leaves and flowers can be a real drain on the nutrients in the soil, and if one or more of these runs short, then signs the plant is hungry can appear on the leaves or flowers. Lack of food can seriously affect a plant's energy and growth, so feeding is essential to get the most from your plants.



Something so simple yet so COMPLEX to your garden! Bio-Ag's Ful-Power and Ful-Humix are Essential for your plants micro-nutrient uptake, in otherwords, you turn a simple meal into a FEAST!

  • Ful- products can be used in both soil and hydroponics with minimal PPM change.
  • Our humic acids are the purest, MOST readily available, low-molecular-weight for easy plant uptake.
  • Humic acid works also as a pH buffer, so there is not any negative effects from its addition!
  • Foliar feeding with Humic is HIGHLY suggested for immediate availability to your plants.
  • Ful- products are fully compatable with all fertilizers, organic and synthetic based.



When you mix your plant foods together, depending on your fertilizer, "salts" are very common within your feeding schedule. These salts are essential for food delivery and uptake. Though these foods arent always readily available just because its in the reservoir.. SLF 100's Enzymatic breakdown of these salts help relieve your roots from unhealthy build-up of these salts that stay in the medium when its nutrient has been "eaten". Common deficiencies are easily cured with a little Enzyme Action!


  • Nutrient lockout is very common with salt build-up in your grow medium
  • Salt build-up also severely raises your PPM's and E.C. within the root zone
  • pH is affected negatively, sometimes dramatically depending on salt content
  • Using SLF 100 along with your feedings, will reduce overall flushing and makes your plants' food more available, exponentiating growth!



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