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about us

Check out the new 2018 lineup keeping you up to date!!      We offer indoor and outdoor gardening supplies a full line of hydroponic supplies,grow lights,aeroponics,eletronic ballast,pesticides and organic gardening nutrients. We carry all types of growing media and 20 different nutrient lines. For your vegetable garden's we have full organic nutrients. And if you into growing cannabis we have 40 yrs growing experince we have you covered...

Welcome to Healthy Harvest The Premier Indoor Gardening Center in Northern Oregon

Two Convenient Locations

-=- Keizer Store -=-

-=-Hillsboro Store -=-

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We opened our doors in Hillsboro on April, 15th 2011, launching our first Healthy Harvest Gardening store. Our goal is to carry top of the line hydroponic and indoor/outdoor gardening supplies along with competitive pricing in a comfortable atmosphere, we have succeeded according to our customers. 
In April 2012 we opened Healthy Harvest South in Keizer, OR. We have a very comfortable shopping atmosphere meeting the needs of the Keizer/Salem gardeners. Whether your growing in soils, soilless mixes, hydration grow rocks, coco fiber or rockwool we offer everything needed to be a successful gardener. We also offer a complete line of hydroponic supplies to grow with any method of hydroponics including DWC & RDWC Systems (Recirculating Deep Water Culture), Ebb and flow (flood and drain),Top Feed And drain to waste,Aquaponics,Aeroponics. If you are looking for grow media Grodan Rockwool,Mother Earth Perlite,Coco Coir,Hydroton clay pellets and many other types of media. grow lights, fertilizers, pestecides, organics nutrients or soils we are here to fulfill all of your gardening needs.

We are proud to carry the industries top of the line vendors such as: Sunlight Supply, Green Air Products, Hydro farm, Canna, sparetime supply Quest, Sol Source,My Urban Greenhouse,Exhale Bags,Wander Trimmer and many others.

Working with our vendors we are a proud retailer to offer leading brand names such as: Sun Systems the #1 brand of grow lights for indoor and green house gardening, Eye Hortilux, UltraSun, Digilux, SunBlaze T5'S as well as Feliz bulbs and SpectraLux, gavita , ushio bulbs cmt 315 phillips and many others. Our Ballast line includes Galaxy, orion ballast, Sun Systems, Gavita,hardcore,nanolux,phantom ll. We are proud to offer Titan Control. products Hurricane, Vortex and Eco Plus inline fans. For cloning we carry a full line of products including Grodan, Rapid Rooters, EZ Clone, CloneX, Oliavia's, Dip N Grow,tapping root and all of your propagation needs. We carry Phresh Filters,black ops,can air and Eco Plus airstones. We have a full line of RO products available. If you need it we can get it many items not listed.

Our Nutrient lines: Advanced Nutrients,Botanicare, SuperNatural, General Hydroponics, Elite, Bio Bizz, Roots Organic, Aurora Innovations, Humboldt County's Own, Green Air, Genesis, Cutting Edge, Fox Farm, Earth juice, Green planet, Down to Earth,Technaflora, soul, Natures Nectar, Nectar for the Gods, Hygrozyme, Slf, and many others. IF WE DON'T HAVE IT WE WILL GET IT.

Store Location

Healthy Harvest South

3837 river rd n 

Keizer,Or 97303


email kelwah50@gmail.com



Healthy Harvest Indoor Garden
1635 se tv hwy #1

hillsboro, or 97123

Phone: 503 640-0995

Store Hours Keizer location

Monday thru Friday 11am to 7pm  Sat 10am to 6pm closed Sunday!

Holiday Sale!

Stop in to check out all the items currently discounted in our Keizer location.Everything in store 20 to 30% off msrp daily we don't need special sales. We price match our local competetors


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